With QBCoWorks, you pay for the space, and we take care of the rest. A hassle free, stress free, coworking experience.

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Hutchinson's premier co-working space!

Co-Working is up-and-coming for growing communities in Midwest Kansas such as Hutchinson, where you don’t work in an office, yet you don’t work from home.

QBCoWorks is a perfect example of a rented office space with amenities such as shared workspaces, private offices, a conference room, coffee, Wi-Fi, and a kitchen.

Here, you can share your ideas with like-minded professionals and collaborate to better your work. Whether you are an independent consultant, entrepreneur, travel for business, or have an online business, QBCoWorks has the professional environment you need for all of your meetings and business needs.

Our Benefits

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Beautiful Space

Enjoy a beautiful open working area to help maximize your productivity.

No Hassle

Come in, use the space, and leave the mess to clean up with us, with no hassle or additional cost to you.

Multiple Venues

We offer multiple types of office spaces to ensure that you have what you need.


Have everything you need - internet, space, snacks, furniture - with just one payment and not five seperate payments.

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